Tony Elliott has been promoted to Vice President of Media and Information Technology for Velocity Retail Group. As an 18-year member of the organization Tony’s position has evolved while assuming responsibility for the implementation of an expanded marketing and social media program as well as a formalized performance coaching program for all members within the company. On a national scale, his talents in media creation will be utilized within X Team Retail Advisors, to provide increased national services offerings for the 40+ member offices.

“We are excited to have Tony focus on utilizing his creative gifts in videography, photography and graphic design to bring our marketing program to a higher level,” said Dave Cheatham, President of Velocity Retail Group, and President of X Team Retail Advisors. “Tony has many gifts that have helped catapult our branding and identity. From a technology perspective, his programming skills are continually utilized as our internal efficiencies receive improvements and upgrades in the moment to serve the needs of our clients,” he added.

Tony has a unique and varied background in I.T., programming, media, and team coaching. This expanded role will bring these talents and skills together to achieve the goals set by the organization for the next several years.

He can be reached at, 602-682-8110.