About Devona Haddock

Devona brings more than thirty years of experience in the commercial real estate and property management arena to the clients of Velocity Management Services. With an extensive background in all facets of asset and property management including leasing, repositioning, operations, property disposition, and customer relations she brings a wealth of knowledge to any challenge.

Jun 2023

A Penny Saved: Cutting Costs in Property Management


In the bustling realm of commercial property management, maintenance is often the silent partner that keeps the engine running. It's the unsung hero that determines not just the longevity of the infrastructure, but also its profitability and appeal. Regular, diligent maintenance safeguards the asset, amplifying its value while minimizing costly repairs and potential downtime.

A Penny Saved: Cutting Costs in Property Management2023-06-08T12:15:49-07:00

May 2023

Who’s paying for the improvements?


The same question comes up regarding tenant improvements allowance.  How does the Landlord calculate the capital / tenant improvement?  Improvement allowances are calculated into the lease rate and term. Amortizing capital costs into a lease involves spreading out the cost of an asset over the term of a lease. This is typically done by

Who’s paying for the improvements?2023-05-05T11:47:45-07:00